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What warranty comes with RPM Power products?


All RPM Power® products, are covered by a guarantee subject to normal use:

  • An RPM Power® guarantee covers malfunction defects that are a direct result of a manufacturing issue(s) and which occur during the stated, product-specific guarantee period only. Please see below for product-specific guarantees. More information can be found on an individual product page or in our info section.
  • This guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear nor is it applicable if changes/adaptations are made to the product or if the product is used for a purpose for which it was not designed. RPM Power® reserves the right to determine what constitutes wear and tear.
  • During the guarantee period, we can offer spare parts free of charge provided the purchaser can provide sufficient, timely evidence of missing/defective parts. Parts are not covered after the guarantee period has expired, but may be available for purchase.
  • A guarantee does not cover products for commercial use and it is non-transferable to a third party.
  • The guarantee period commences when the item has been delivered to the purchaser or user.
  • Products purchased directly through the RPM Power® website – www.rpmpower.com – (ie, not through one of its agents, distributors, resellers, etc.) are covered by a guarantee.
  • Returns must be in their original packaging, unused and in saleable condition. In most cases, we can ship customer replacement parts free of charge.
  • Charges incurred for repairs/returns outside of the guarantee period are incurred by the customer (including post and packaging). Proof of postage may be required, therefore trackable mail is advisable.
  • A guarantee covers functional repairs/replacements and not cosmetic damage of a product.

To make a claim under a guarantee, email info@rpmpower.com. Please include the order number, a detailed description of any issues and supporting evidence, such as images, etc. Our in-house technical advisors will help identify any issues and advise on the best possible solutions.

RPM POWER Guarantee
Rowing Machine2 years
Bikes2 years
Battle Ropes1 year
Adjustable Dumbbells1 year
Hex Dumbbells2 years
Weight Benches1 year
Squat Rack1 year
Weight Vests1 year
Adjustable Kettlebells1 year
Pull Up Bars1 year
Resistance Bands1 year
Balance Boards1 year
Grip Strengtheners1 year
Electrical GoodsMassage Gun1 year
Accessory ItemsNot applicable
Powerball1 year
exhausted batteries or damage caused to the LCD display not included
Powerspin1 year
All other items1 year

All RPM products are intended for home use, warranty does not cover commercial use.

This guarantee can give you extra protections and does not replace your statutory rights. 

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