What age should I be to use Powerball®?


What age should I be to use Powerball®?

It is recommended that Powerball® should not be used by those under the age of 12 years without adult supervision (more as a general precaution rather than an actual insistence) to highlight the simple fact that these products can generate significant resistance (gyroscopic inertia), most of which is applied directly to the wrist/arm. In younger persons, active bone development is still in progress and may be adversely affected by such potential forces, leading to possible damage in the arm or wrist as a result.

(Powerball® produces localised resistance in a completely different way to conventional free weight – isotonic exercise workouts).

However, and given that Powerball® will only generate such resistance which is directly proportional at all times to the efforts expended by the user, it is highly unlikely that any young individual will ever cause himself/herself harm through the use of this product – nonetheless it remains prudent that caution be observed and that our younger users be fully aware of the potential for overuse that may arise as a result of the high power outputs of these highly addictive products.

Used in moderation, Powerball® will be an extremely beneficial tool for a budding young sportsperson (or aspiring musician… or fitness enthusiast… or martial arts devotee… or gymnast… or….) and will not cause any harm; indeed, we receive many gracious testimonials each week from parents who are simply delighted with the effect that the shiny sphere has had on their particular offspring’s sporting achievements. The rules are therefore simple;

  • Never exceed your own abilities with Powerball® and;
  • Slow speeds for gentle rehabilitation / high speeds for muscle building power where appropriate
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