What is the difference between Powerball and cheap copies?


What is the difference between Powerball and cheap copies?

Powerball® is a tuned, precision strengthening and rehabilitation instrument which has been hand assembled using premium quality materials and features an internal rotor on a hardened stainless steel axle which has been so finely and precisely balanced using advanced computerised technology that it can reach speeds in excess of 18,000rpm without vibration of any description.

Because of the success we’ve achieved around the globe with the Powerball® product range, we’ve attracted a large variety of imitation gyro products, most of which originate from China. Many of these bear a confusing resemblance to the genuine products sold on this website but fall far short in terms of build; quality of materials used; performance; reliability and overall product safety resulting in;

  • Unbalanced rotors which may vibrate unpleasantly during use, causing impact and soft tissue damage to the user;
  • Top speeds which may be limited to less than 10,000 – 12,000rpm;
  • Self destruction of products during use, emitting dangerous, sharp debris;
  • Use of iron axles which deform if the unit is dropped or suffers shock, causing significant and irreparable vibration thereafter

Any Powerball® you’ll purchase on this website is;

  • Hand built and supplied with a product warranty;
  • Certified to spin to a minimum of 18,000rpm with zero vibration;
  • Manufactured from only the highest quality materials;
  • Contain polished stainless steel rotor axles for long life, vibration free performance;

Additionally, several models in the range feature patented Autostart™ mechanisms and drop resistant shells with reversible inner tracks to facilitate ease of use and up to 400% longer product usability – don’t settle for anything less.

  • Powerball Gyroscope, Metal Grip Strengtheners, Finger Exerciser and Massage Ball
    Powerball Gyroscope – Hybrid Classic Strength Pack
    Product on sale
  • Image Containing Metal Powerball Gyroscope & Grip Strengthener
    Powerball Gyroscope – Diablo Classic Strength Pack
    Product on sale
  • image with powerball gyroscope, metal grip strengtheners and wrist roller
    Powerball Gyroscope – E-Titan Electric Strength Bundle
    Product on sale
  • Image containing finger strengthening and wrist rehabilitation products
    Powerball Gyroscope – Pro Blue Pack
    Product on sale
  • electric autostart Powerball
    Powerball Gyroscope E-Titan Pro Electric Start
    Product on sale
  • Powerball Gyroscope - Autostart Pro Strength Pack
    Powerball Gyroscope – Autostart Pro Strength Pack
    Product on sale
  • powerball wrist gyroscope
    Powerball Gyroscope Hybrid Strength Pack
    Product on sale
  • wrist strengthening exercises
    Powerball Gyroscope Hybrid Autostart Pro
    Product on sale
  • tennis elbow
    Powerball Hybrid Autostart Classic
    Product on sale
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