Weight Plates

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The RPM Power Olympic Weight Plate range. Choose from our Elite Range or Essential Range of Black and coloured Bumper Plates, TriGrip Plates. Our 2 inch weight plate ranges vary from 1.25kg to 25kg.

5kg (Single Plate)5kg (Single Plate)
10kg (Single Plate)10kg (Single Plate)
15kg (Single Plate)15kg (Single Plate)
20kg (Single Plate)20kg (Single Plate)
25kg (Single Plate)25kg (Single Plate)
Blue - 20kgBlue - 20kg
Grey – 5kgGrey – 5kg
Green - 10kgGreen - 10kg
Yellow - 15kgYellow - 15kg
Red - 25kgRed - 25kg