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Battle Rope 9 Meter | 38mm Diameter (9kg)


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Battle Rope 9 Meter | 38mm Diameter (9kg)


Designed for muscle building and home cardio training that works the entire body. Use it alone or add them to circuits – either way, a Battle Rope will take your home fitness to the next level. Includes exercise guide and updated online training materials

  • High performance Nylon Protective Sleeve
  • Covered end to end in Cordura 600D PVC for durability
  • Heavyweight ultra dense battle ropes
  • Includes anchor point for floors & walls
  • Contoured Non Slip handles
  • Multiple sizes & lengths available
  • Includes exercise guide & extra online material

The RPM Power Battle Rope 9 Meter series is suited for those seeking to engage in muscle building workouts and HIIT sessions.

High performance nylon protective sleeve – all weather cover protects rope threads from ground friction that can damage battle ropes over time.

Heavyweight ultra dense battle ropes – The RPM POWER® BATTLE ROPES | 9 Meter – 38mm Diameter weighs 9kgs, our battle ropes strands / fibers are the highest density available which which means more stands per square cm and much heavier weight per metre. These ropes are made to last a lifetime of punishing cardio.

No Slip handles – Designed to fit the contours of your hands perfectly, the RPM Power Battle Ropes are comfortable to use no matter how hard you push yourself. Handles are secured with stainless steel collar for additional durability and grip options.

Anchor Point – Includes steel anchor point for securing to floors and walls. Can also be used outdoors very easily.


Weight 9 kg
Product Type

Battle Rope





Length: 9m (30ft)

Diameter: 38mm (1.5″)

Weight: 9kg

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RPM POWER® BATTLE ROPE | 9 Meter - 38mm Diameter

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High Density - High Performance

Take your home cardio and muscle building workouts to the next level with the RPM Power® Battle Rope. Battle Ropes may be a relatively new phenomenon, but do not be fooled - there are few fitness tools which demand as much oxygen and energy. If you are looking for a home fitness tool to build solid muscle and lose fat fast - this is the product for you.

Product Highlights

  • High performance Nylon Protective Sleeve
  • Heavyweight ultra dense battle ropes
  • Includes anchor point for floors & walls
  • Contoured Non Slip handles
  • Multiple sizes & lengths available
  • Includes exercise guide & extra online material

battle rope 9 meter

Heavy-weight durable design

The RPM Power® Battle Rope features a durable nylon sleeve to protect both the user and the rope from friction damage. The sleeve ensures the rope can be used in any environment or setting without causing or acquiring damage. These ropes are made to a professional standard and are built to withstand years of cardio training, home fitness muscle building workouts.

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Heat-shrunk, non-slip handles

To protect your hands and ensure a perfect grip when exercising, our Battle Ropes feature handles that have been tightened and shrunk by heat. This makes the rope much easier to grip (even when sweating) and most importantly, it protects your hands; allowing you to workout at maximum capacity for as long as you can.

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Wall & floor anchor point

The included anchor point is made of solid steel and is designed to secure your Battle Rope to the ground or wall. Includes 4 x expansion screws for secure mounting. Available sizes: 9m / 12m /15m (at 38mm diameter) and 9m / 12m /15m (at 50mm diameter).


Home Fitness

Battle Ropes are a versatile exerciser that can be used either as the muscle building exerciser or for cardio training sessions. The combination of resistance strength training and cardio training ensures for a grueling full-body workout that will leave you on the floor afterwards. (The longer the rope, the tougher the challenge).

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