Quarter Rack Bundle R4500 (ex Bench)


Yellow Power Rack with Barbells, Weight Plates and Home Gym
Quarter Rack Bundle R4500 (ex Bench)


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Our customers love us!
Our customers love us!


Light (Red) |13mm / 15 – 35lbsLight (Red) |13mm / 15 – 35lbs
Medium (Black) | 21mm / 25 – 65lbsMedium (Black) | 21mm / 25 – 65lbs
Strong (Purple) | 32mm / 35 – 85lbsStrong (Purple) | 32mm / 35 – 85lbs
Extra Strong (Green) | 45mm / 50-125lbsExtra Strong (Green) | 45mm / 50-125lbs



Bring the gym home.

The RPM Power Multi-Function Quarter Rack is a must have for those who want to progress their strength training while maintaining high performance & quality in their workouts. Ideal for heavy lifting, this Rack is compact and fully adjustable to fit with benches and barbells of various heights. Customize your training and switch between 14 rack levels, 200kg max. weight capacity. Easily adjust in seconds with the simple pop-pin mechanism.

Product Highlights

  • Two pull-up bars at different diameters are included and mounted at your preferred height
  • Included are two spotter arms/dip bars with safety locks and two J-Hooks.
  • Two weight plate holders (upright) designed for convenience and stability
  • Constructed with 12 gauge steel, this squat stand has a weight capacity of 200kg.
  • Pull up bars, weight holders included
  • J-Hooks, dip bars included
  • H-Shape for stability

Integrated Training:

Take your training to the next level by incorporating resistance bands into your workouts. The Quarter Rack is equipped with power band pegs that can be easily inserted into the base, enabling you to perform banded squats, banded bench presses, and a multitude of other resistance band exercises. This innovative feature offers unparalleled versatility, enabling you to target specific muscle groups and enhance the effectiveness of your training regimen.

Lift & Train in Comfort

Lift & Train in Comfort

Relieve painful pressure on your neck and vertebrae while you squat allowing you to focus on achieving the best results possible. Forget about pressure points on your hips or pubis. Simply clip the bar pad and concentrate on your workout.

Upper Body Strengthening:

The dual pull-up bar invites you to explore a wide array of exercises, enabling you to engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously. By incorporating chin-ups and pull-ups into your routine, you'll target your biceps, forearms, shoulders, and back muscles, fostering balanced upper body development. The increased range of motion and grip variations offered by this dual pull-up bar help you overcome plateaus and unlock new levels of strength and muscularity.

Heavy Duty Lifting:

Heavy Duty Lifting:

Designed for the avid weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts who crave the thrill of pushing their boundaries, the Quarter Rack With Dual Pull Up Bar boasts an impressive maximum weight load of 200kg (800lbs). Embrace the challenge as you engage in intense exercises like squats, lunges, split squats, and many more, all aimed at building exceptional compound strength and sculpting your muscles like never before. Say goodbye to limitations and unlock your true potential.