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Weight Vest 10KG


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Our customers love us!



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Weighted Power Vest | 10KG

Intensify Your Workouts

Bring more difficulty and intensity to your workouts with this weighted vest. The RPM Power Vest will increase the difficulty of your sessions for with increased challenges for any exercise.

Product Highlights

  • Strategic Weight Distribution
  • Dual Buckle Fastening
  • Comfortable
  • Side Strap
  • Increase the Difficulty of Any Workout
  • Two Weight Options

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Push Your Limits

Weighted Vests are ideal for running, walking, cycling, bodyweight exercises, HIIT training and more. Try it with a basic squat and feel the difference in your legs immediately. Wear it on a walk or run to build endurance and boost weight loss results.

weighted vest for sale

Durable Material

Durable Material

weighted vest for sale

Built from durable, neoprene material, the vest stretches and moulds itself to your body perfectly and can easily withstand your most intense training regimes. The 10kg (22.5lb) weight is evenly distributed for a comfortable fit around your upper body.

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Active Comfort

The breathable neoprene outer padding allows for better air circulation and reduces sweating to keep you cool and dry. The vest will not compromise your performance - only improve it.

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Universal Size

Universal Size

exercise weighted vest

This 10kg vest is a standard one size fits most with two straps for easily adjusting the tightness of the vest to your comfort. Hand washable for easy cleaning. Includes a convenient mesh pocket to securely hold your phone or keys as you workout.