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Power Gripper® Ring


Power Gripper® Ring
  • Durable Design
  • Latex Free Silicone
  • Two Resistance Levels per Ring
  • Matrix Etched Pattern
  • Better Sporting Performance
  • Perfect for Rehabilitation
  • For All Grip Abilities

MULTIPLE RESISTANCE LEVELS: The Power Gripper® Ring is a simple and convenient exerciser designed for hand strengthening & rehabilitation. Each individual ring has two resistance variations. With 5 resistance levels available (10-80lb) you can easily customise your workouts and move up or down a resistance level depending on your current fitness ability.

RESILIENT DESIGN: Fully tear and crack resistant – these rings are built to withstand years of intense squeezing. Made from sturdy, latex-free silicone that is semi-coated with a diamond-etched matrix pattern for a more secure grip when exercising.

BETTER SPORTING PERFORMANCE: Build strength and power in your fingers, hand, wrist & forearm with the Power Gripper® Ring. Simply pinch and squeeze the Grip Ring to stimulate and challenge the muscles in the hand area. Ideal for those looking to improve strength for grip-based sports, such as golf, tennis, squash, rugby, martial arts, climbing and more.

PERFECT FOR REHABILITATION: Designed for the rehabilitation of hand and lower forearm injuries, these rings are ideal for physical and occupational therapy in adults and seniors. The Power Gripper® Ring will help improve mobility, dexterity and strength by encouraging greater muscle movement and improving circulation in the hand.

FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS: The Power Gripper® Ring is designed to fit all adult hand sizes (outer ring diameter: 8.75cm / inner ring diameter: 4.45cm) and are the perfect desk or coffee-table exerciser for daily strength training. They are also great stress relievers – just give it a squeeze

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Power Gripper® Ring (20-30Lbs), Power Gripper® Ring (30-40Lbs), Power Gripper® Ring (40-50Lbs), Power Gripper® Ring (50-60Lbs), Power Gripper® Ring (70-80Lbs)

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Outer ring diameter: 8.75cm / inner ring diameter: 4.45cm

These rings come in a variety of sizes and colours (Available as a 5 piece set too)

  • Power Gripper® Ring  (20-30lbs)
  • Power Gripper® Ring  (30-40lbs)
  • Power Gripper® Ring  (40-50lbs)
  • Power Gripper® Ring  (50-60lbs)
  • Power Gripper® Ring  (70-80lbs)

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