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When developing our Barbells and Weight Plates originally, we were faced with the proposition of going down two different avenues for the creation of these products. We wanted to create a high-end, premium range of Barbells & Weight Plates that would perform to the highest demands of intense training, but also make these products accessible for those on a budget. So, the Elite & Essential Range was born. Our Elite range has been tailormade for the highest levels of weightlifting performance. Our Elite Barbells & Bumper Plates are made to a commercial standard and as such feature a higher price point. They are competition level equipment and will ensure that the user can lift heavier and with more comfort than ever before.

Our essential range of Barbells & Weight Plates is more suited for Home Use, all the while being exceptionally durable these Barbells and Weight Plates have been designed for those seeking to maximise their home-gym budget while still having a strong emphasis on quality.

When we set out to create our Barbells and Weight Plates, we had two distinct paths in mind. Our goal was to offer both a premium range for serious trainers as well as an affordable option without compromising quality. This led to the birth of our Elite & Essential Range.

Elite Range: Tailor-made for peak weightlifting performance, our Elite Barbells & Bumper Plates adhere to commercial standards and come with a higher price point. These are competition-level tools, designed to empower users with the ability to lift heavier and more comfortably than ever before.

Essential Range: Geared towards home use, our Essential Barbells & Weight Plates combine exceptional durability with affordability. Crafted to suit those looking to maximize their home gym investment, these products maintain a strong emphasis on quality and durability.

Key Features of Our Elite Range Barbells:

  • Needle Bearings: Our Elite Barbells feature needle bearings, ensuring smoother rotation for friction-free movement during Olympic lifts. This enhances performance and bar sleeve spin.

  • Dual Knurl Grip: The dual knurl grip on Elite Barbells is spaced identically to IWF & IPF standard knurl marks. This ensures you maintain the proper grip position for improved control.

Key Features of Our Essential Range Barbells:

  • Non-Aggressive Knurl Grip: Unlike the Elite range, our Essential Barbells have a less aggressive Knurl Grip meaning they have less grip
  • Budget Friendly: Our Essential Range Barbells are priced lower than the Elite range to make them more cost-effective. They are exceptionally durable and perfect for home use. 

Elite Range Weight Plates

  • Dead Bounce: With an optimal durometer hardness rating, our Elite Weight Plates exhibit minimal bounce upon impact. This safeguards the barbell by reducing exerted force during drops.

  • Thinner Profile: These weight plates boast an ultra-thin profile, offering a narrower depth compared to competitors. This design maximizes bar loading capacity and space efficiency for sleeker storage.

Essential Range Weight Plates

  • Perfect for Beginners: Our Essential Range of Weight Plates are constructed from ultra dense rubber polymer making them exceptionally durable. Our Essential Range or Bumper Plates is perfect for beginners and not suited to those who will be performing heavy Olympic Style lifts that will involve slamming the plates a lot.

The price variance between our Essential and Elite Range reflects the premium quality of our Elite products. The Elite Range comes at a higher price point because it is purpose-built to endure the demands of intense and rigorous training, making it ideal for competition-level use and commercial facilities.

Absolutely, we highly recommend our Essential Range for beginners. These products are designed to be exceptionally durable and are perfect for learning the fundamental techniques of basic lifts. On the other hand, our Elite Range is specifically crafted for those who engage in heavy lifting and require equipment that can meet their rigorous demands. So, if you’re seeking equipment that will support you as you progress from the basics to more advanced lifting, you can confidently rely on our proven Essential Range.

Both our Essential Range and Elite Range of bumper plates offer the same range of weight options, spanning from 5kg to 25kg in 5kg increments. This ensures you have a variety of choices to suit your specific training needs.

Certainly! Our Elite and Essential Range products are fully compatible with each other, allowing you to mix and match them seamlessly in your home gym setup. There are no compatibility issues when using both ranges together.

For home use, our Elite Range products come with a lifetime warranty, while our Essential Range products are covered for 2 years. Commercial warranty terms may vary, so if you have any inquiries about the commercial warranty for any of our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for specific details and assistance.

Absolutely! Our Elite Range is designed to meet the stringent standards required for competitions and elite-level lifting. Our Elite Range Barbells adhere to IWF & IPF standards, making them suitable for use in the most prestigious weightlifting competitions. Additionally, our Elite Range Weight Plates offer a dead bounce, making them a perfect choice for those who focus on Olympic-style lifts.

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