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Grip Strengtheners

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Strengthen & rehabilitate the fingers, hand, wrist & forearm with our selection of Power Gripper® products

What are these products made of?

The All-New Powerball Metal Grip Strengtheners have reinforced stainless steel springs with a mat black anodization finish. Each weight resistance has its own beautifully coloured handle with a diamond etched matrix pattern for extra grip.

What tension levels are available?

There are seven levels of tension available:
50lb, 100lb, 150lb, 200lb, 250lb, 300lb and 350lb,
there is a Powerball Metal Gripper to suit all levels of strength and fitness.

Are these products effective for rehabilitation?

Yes, these metal grip strengtheners are very effective for rehabilitation. If you are suffering from an injury, we recommend that you start with a low-tension level and gradually increase the tension as you recover and grow stronger. Using these strengtheners even just for a couple of minutes a day is enough to gently rehabilitate an injury in the hand, wrist and forearm, as it will effectively repair damaged tissue and rebuild strength.

Which metal grip strengthener is best for rehabilitation?

For rehabilitation purposes, we always recommend starting with a low-tension strengthener first, such as the 50lb (pink) or 100lb (purple) Power Gripper.

Which metal grip strengthener is best for intense strengthening?

The Gripper you choose should depend entirely on your fitness level. It is important to judge this as best you can, as you do not want to risk over-exerting yourself and causing injury. For advanced-level athletes who already practice strengthening on a regular basis (such as weight lifting or very frequently practice a grip-based sport, such as tennis, martial arts, climbing, cycling, etc.), we recommend any one of the 200-350lb metal grip strengtheners.

Are these products also suitable for beginners?

Yes. These metal grip strengtheners are suitable for both beginners and pros alike. We recommend that you start at a tension level which you feel is most suited to your level of fitness. If you regularly lift weights or do another form of intense strength training, then you may be ready to start with one of the high-tension strengtheners. If you are completely new to strength training or if you are looking to rehabilitate an injury, then it might be best for you to start with a low-level strengthener.