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Resistance Bands Set


exercise bands with handles
Resistance Bands Set


Premium-quality elastic bands built to withstand years of stretching. Includes a selection of powerful accessories for greater workout versatility and muscle focus.

  • 4 x natural stretch resistance bands (Red band | 13mm (15-35lb/16kg), Black band | 21mm (25-65lb/29.5kg), Purple band | 32mm (35-85lb/38.5kg) and Green band | 45mm (50-125lb/57kg))
  • 2 x premium-quality handles
  • 2 x steel karabiners
  • 2 x extra-strength velcro ankle straps
  • 1 x door anchor
  • 1 x storage bag
  • Exercise booklet + online training guides

Pull-U Resistance Bands included: Red resistance band | 13mm (15-35lb/16kg), Black resistance band | 21mm (25-65lb/29.5kg), Purple resistance band | 32mm (35-85lb/38.5kg) and Green resistance band | 45mm (50-125lb/57kg)

Accessories included: 2 x robust handles, 2 x steel karabiners, 1 x door anchor, 2 x Velcro ankle straps, 1 x storage bag and 1 x workout guide

Material: Natural-stretch latex pull up resistance bands set

Durable Exercise Bands – Made from extra-thick natural elastic that holds its shape even after years of use.

Pull Up Band Accessories –  The quality of each exercise band accessory in this pack rivals that of our bands. Robust, sturdy, reliable: these accessories double the exercise possibilities and ensure for highly-varied workouts.

Exercise Guides – Each pull up resistance band set comes with a comprehensive exercise booklet and additional online resources for maximising your workouts, working out with bands has never been so easy.

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Resistance Bands Set

Bands included: Red pull up band | 13mm (15-35lb/16kg), Black pull up band | 21mm (25-65lb/29.5kg), Purple pull up band | 32mm (35-85lb/38.5kg) and Green pull up band | 45mm (50-125lb/57kg)

Accessories included: 2 x exercise bands handles, 2 x steel karabiners, 1 x door anchor, 2 x Velcro ankle straps, 1 x storage bag and 1 x workout guide

Material: Natural-stretch latex resistance bands

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RPM Power Pull Up Resistance Bands

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Set of 4 Professional-Standard Exercise Bands

Resistance bands are versatile and compact exercisers designed for intense strengthening, mobility & rehabilitation. Used by beginners and elite athletes alike, it’s easy to vary the intensity of your workout simply by moving up or down a band level. Our bands are incredibly robust and are made from multiple layers of natural-stretch latex, which keeps its shape even after years of use. This set includes 4 x premium resistance bands with varying tension levels: Red band (15-35lb/16kg), Black band (25-65lb/29.5kg), Purple band (35-85lb/38.5kg) and Green band (50-125lb/57kg) for customised workouts that suit your personal fitness goals.

Product Highlights

  • 4 x natural stretch resistance bands
  • 2 x premium-quality handles
  • 2 x steel karabiners
  • 2 x extra-strength Velcro ankle straps
  • 1 x door anchor
  • 1 x storage bag
  • Exercise booklet + online training guides

exercise with resistance bands

Accessories that are just as Robust as our Bands

Most standard resistance bands packs offer high-quality bands, but weak, second-grade accessories. We’ve made sure that every accessory in our PowerBands Pack is built to rival our bands and withstand years of training. Our premium-comfort handles feature a riveted pattern for extra grip and are fitted with hardened steel karabiners for added security when exercising. The ultra-strength Velcro ankle straps are designed to fit comfortably around your lower leg, while the door anchor is made with strong, high-tension fibers for better support.

working out with resistance bands

Extra Accessories = Hundreds of Exercise Possibilities

There are a multitude of exercises you can do with resistance bands on their own; but with the extra accessories in this pack it’s a whole new ball game. With literally hundreds of exercises to choose from you can enjoy greater variety in your training as well as better muscle targeting. Use these bands on their own; for assisted pull ups; or attach them to any window or door via the door anchor to instantly expand your workout. The comfortable handles are great for upper body exercises, while the ankle straps ensure for focused leg, glute, knee and hip training.

resistance bands push up, rpm power bands

Level Up Basic Exercises

Resistance bands are an easy way to add an extra layer of difficulty to any basic exercise (squat, lunge, push up) and are a lightweight alternative to traditional dumbbell exercises, such as chest flys, shoulder press and more. Resistance bands serve as a gym in themselves and are perfect for both home use and on-the-go training.

stretch bands

Mobility & Rehab

Resistance bands gently stimulate the muscles during mobility and rehabilitation exercises. Choose a low or medium band level and gradually strengthen and stretch to build endurance and enhance recovery. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

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