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RPM_Power Spin Bikes FAQ
5800 9800 S10
spin spin spin
Max User Weight 120kg 120kg 150kg
Bike Weight 36.0kg 41.5kg 65.0kg
Max Seat Height 112cm 102cm 99cm
Flywheel 10kg 13kg 18kg
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years

Recommended Weight Capacity

When purchasing your new spin bike one of the first and major factors which you should consider is the weight limit. Each Spin Bikes load capacity varies from the next and depending on your physique/build type it is important to choose the bike which will serve you the best. 

5800: Recommended Max Load Capacity: 120KG
9800: Recommended Max Load Capacity: 120KG
S10: Recommended Max Load Capacity: 150KG

All our spin bikes will be suited to the majority of individuals in terms of weight capacity. The heavier you are the more you should start thinking about investing in a heavier framed bike

Bike Weight

If you have a heavier or larger frame, you will feel more stable the heavier the spin bike is. 

5800: Net Weight: 36.0KG
9800: Net Weight: 41.5KG
S10:Net Weight: 65.0KG

All our Spin Bikes come with frames and flywheels much heavier then the market norm. We have seen very unrealistic recommended weight capacities in the market. When you are purchasing a Spin Bike the main things you need to take into consideration is the weight of the flywheel and the overall weight of the Spin Bike itself. 

Our S10 is 65kg in weight with a 18kg flywheel, this is aimed for the larger framed and heavier individuals. Realistically buying a Spin Bike whereby you are at  the max capacity for weight and height may not be as comfortable or stable as you wish.  

Max seat Height

This is another important consideration. If you have a very large frame or height you may want to invest in our bigger and heavier S10 Spin bike.

The max seat height needs to be considered in relation to your own leg length. 

Max seat heights from floor to max extension seat heights are as follows -

S10  - 112CM - If you are 6ft 3 / 6ft 4 or above the S10 is the bike you will feel most comfortable on.

9800 -  102CM - Ideal for 6ft 2 / 6ft 3 and below

5800 - 99CM  - Ideal for 6ft 1 / 6ft 2 and below 

The above are only guides as individuals leg lengths will vary with regards to their overall heights. Please adjust based on your own individual knowledge.




A flywheel is one of the main differentiators between a standard upright bike and a spin bike. All of the RPM Power spin bikes are equipped with a belted flywheel. The flywheel stores inertia and kinetic energy as it spins to simulate road-bike level resistance. The flywheel weight also plays a vital role in controlling the resistance and inertia of the bike. Below are the following flywheels which are equipped in the bike:

5800: 10KG Flywheel
9800: 13KG Flywheel
S10 : 18kg Flywheel (Mirrored Finish)

Our flywheels start in the medium level range at 10kg and go up to the super heavy 18kg flywheel. 

Why do I want a heavier flywheel?

It depends on what you want the spin bike for.

Flywheels are all to do with maximum performance capability, the heavier the flywheel the higher the max resistance potential of the spin bike has.

If you do not want to push yourself to the levels of a Tour de France cyclist going up a steep mountain then a 10kg or 13kg flywheel are more then sufficient.

You need to take into account your 1) overall weight 2) strength 3) fitness level 4) Fitness goals 5) Cycling Experience 

The heavier & stronger & fitter you are the more you are going to appreciate and get use of the heavier flywheel.






All of the Spin Bikes the 5800, 9800 and S10 have multiple adjustments which allow for you to adjust the bike exactly to your needs.
You are able to adjust the handlebar height, the seat position, and most importantly the resistance of the flywheel allowing for you
to suit the bike to your fitness goals.

All of our models come with a gold standard 2 year warranty. We pride ourselves on looking after customers and are 100% committed to ensuring every single person who purchases a product from us is satisfied. 

Every individual spin bike comes equipped with an LCD monitor which allows for you to monitor your progress. You are able to track your time, distance and continuously challenge yourself every time you get on the bike. Each monitor varies slightly from the next in terms of the styling. .

If you're looking to purchase a spin bike and wondering whether or not it will fit your budget, here at RPM we have everything to suit your needs.

We pride ourselves on offering incredible value for money no matter the model you purchase. 

Frame weight and flywheel weights are the main contributing factors to the price you will have to pay.