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Adjustable 24kg Dumbbell Pair & Weight Bench


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Our customers love us!

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24KG Adjustable Dumbbell Set & Weights Bench

Dial Change Technology with Multiple Incline

Switch between 15 different weight levels in seconds with the RPM Power 24kg Adjustable Dumbbell. Space-saving, convenient and compact - the RPM Power Dumbbell Pair will be a powerful addition to your home workout regime. Includes 2 x 24kg Adjustable Dumbbells with Dial Change Technology. Each Dumbbell contains the following weight levels: 2.5kg, 3.5kg, 4.5kg, 5.5kg, 6.5kg, 8kg, 9kg, 10kg, 11.5kg, 13.5, 16kg, 18kg, 20.5kg, 22.5kg, 24kg

Product Highlights

  • 15 individual weights in each dumbbell
  • Easy-to-use Dial Change Technology
  • Low-noise, smooth lifting
  • Durable ABS moulded coating
  • Multiple Weight Benches to choose from
  • Clutter-free & space-saving

F1700 Multi-Functional Weight Bench

This bench provides diverse workout options like sit-ups, GHD reverse sit-ups, leg extensions, hamstring curls, and rows. With attachments for weight plates and resistance bands, it's versatile. Featuring multiple foam pads and waterproof PU leather, it's comfortable. Beginner-friendly and space-efficient, it supports up to 200kg and offers five backrest adjustment levels.

F3800 Multi-Functional Weight Bench

F3800 Multi-Functional Weight Bench

The F3800 Multifunctional Weight Bench offers diverse workout options with features like a barbell rack, lat pull-down bar, curl bench, leg extension, and fly/curl arms. Supporting up to 250kg, it enables exercises such as sit-ups, GHD, reverse sit-ups, leg extensions, hamstring curls, and rows.

weight bench for olympic lifting bar

P1100 Weight Bench

Choose from one of 7 incline settings to find a safe and ergonomic angle that will maximize the potential of every exercise. Easily adjustable for quick adjustment mid-workout; flat, incline or decline in seconds with this lightweight foldable weight bench. Padded foot positioning makes this bench ultra versatile for sit ups and added stability for lifting.

P1400 Weight Bench

P1400 Weight Bench

Unlike most standard fitness benches the P1400 features three fully-adjustable settings: seat (3 positions); back incline (7 positions- including decline) and foot support (3 positions). With an impressive combination of 13 possible adjustment positions, this weight bench is easy to adapt to a wide range of exercise and training plans.

U3800 commercial grade bench

U3800 Commercial Weight Bench

Weighing 38kg, the Ultra-Form U3800 Commercial Weight Bench is a high performance weights bench which provides stability to the heaviest of lifts. Built to last a lifetime of high-intensity training, this heavyweight workout bench is a commercial-grade for ultimate support & built to withstand an incredible 500kg capacity.

u3900 weight bench MAIN

U3900 Commercial Weight Bench

U3900 Commercial Weight Bench

u3900 weight bench MAIN

With four seat positions and seven back positions, U3900 offers endless upper body training options. Weighing 40kg, it boasts a durable steel frame with a powder-coated finish for resilience and maneuverability. The integrated pin system ensures easy adjustments for exercises like bench press and dumbbell press, making it your ideal workout partner.

Adjustable Weight Bench

U4200 Commercial Weight Bench

The U4200 Commercial Weight Bench redefines high-performance. Built with an 11-gauge steel frame, it offers multiple incline and seat positions with rubber padding for stability. Easily customizable with 10 back positions and 3 seat angles, it supports up to 400kg and features premium polyurethane foam for durability and grip. Laser-cut RPM Power branding adds a touch of sophistication, making it the top choice.

P2400 Adjustable Weight Bench with Multigym in Background

P2400 Semi-Commercial Weight Bench

P2400 Semi-Commercial Weight Bench

P2400 Adjustable Weight Bench with Multigym in Background

The Semi-Commercial Weight Bench P2400 offers 14 back positions and 3 seat positions for versatile training. Crafted from durable .33" commercial steel, it supports up to 300kg, with a unique arch for a wide range of exercises. Featuring 2.5" High Density Foam coated in PU leather, it includes caster wheels for easy transport and rubber feet to prevent floor marking, suitable for home gyms and semi-commercial settings.


15 Meter - 50mm Diameter (24kg)15 Meter - 50mm Diameter (24kg)
12 Meter - 50mm Diameter (20kg)12 Meter - 50mm Diameter (20kg)
9 Meter - 50mm Diameter (15kg)9 Meter - 50mm Diameter (15kg)
24kg Adjustable Dumbbells and Adjustable Weight Bench Bundle
Adjustable 24kg Dumbbell Pair & Weight Bench
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