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Adjustable Dumbbell Set 20KG


Adjustable Dumbbells 20kg
Adjustable Dumbbell Set 20KG


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Adjustable Dumbbell Pair (20kg per Dumbbell) with Handle Twist Technology

Convenient & Space-Saving Dumbbell Pair

Switch between 16 different weight levels in seconds with the RPM Power 20kg Adjustable Dumbbell. Compact, space-saving and economical - this Adjustable Dumbbell Pair is the convenient choice for your home workouts. Includes 2 x 20kg Adjustable Dumbbells with Handle Twist Technology. Each 20kg Dumbbell contains the following weight levels: 2.3kg, 4.2kg, 5.3kg, 5.8kg, 6.8kg, 7.3kg, 8.4kg, 8.8kg, 10.3kg, 12.5kg, 14.5kg, 15.5kg, 17.5kg, 18.5kg, 20kg

Product Highlights

  • 16 individual weights in one dumbbell
  • Simple handle twist technology
  • Cast-iron plates
  • Durable ABS moulded coating
  • Low-noise, smooth lifting
  • Clutter-free, space-saving and economical
  • Gold-Standard Warranty

Switch Between 16 Weights in Seconds

The 20kg Adjustable Dumbbell features 16 different weight levels in one compact dumbbell. Quickly switch between weights using the simple Handle-Twist Technology. No more time wasted on changing plates between exercises - just twist the dumbbell handle and choose your desired weight in seconds.

Keep Your Workout Space Clutter Free

Keep Your Workout Space Clutter Free

Our Adjustable Dumbbell Pair replaces the need to have 32 free weights lying around your workout space. The custom base keeps the adjustable dumbbells secure and tidy when not in use, making sure your home always remains clutter-free.

Targeted & Progressive Training

Easily customise the Dumbbell Pair to any exercise by quickly switching the weight level. The convenience of Adjustable Dumbbells makes them ideal for specific-muscle targeting, as you can easily customise the weight to any exercise. Great for progressive training - go from 2.3kg to 20kg in seconds or over the course of a few months as you gradually increase your strength. The versatile nature of these quality 20kg dumbbells make them perfect for both beginners and serious weightlifters alike.

Premium Quality RPM Power Product

Premium Quality RPM Power Product

The cast-iron plates of these Adjustable Dumbbells are coated in a durable ABS moulding to ensure for smooth lift-off from the base everytime. No more clanging metal as you workout - these dumbbells are low noise, so you can focus on your training without distraction.