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Tib Bar | Tibialis Trainer


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Our customers love us!
Our customers love us!

Tib Bar Tibialis Anterior Exercise Equipment

Why Train with a Tib Bar?

The tibialis anterior is a muscle which runs next to your shin bone, down the front of your leg from the knee to ankle. When the tibialis anterior muscle is weak, force generated through walking, running or jumping makes it's way to the knee causing knee pain and shin splints.

Product Highlights

  • Weight Capacity: 65kg
  • Includes Barbell Clamp
  • Bulletproof Your Legs
  • Compatible with 2" Weight Plates

Tibialis Bar Clamp 1500px

High-Quality Barbell Clamp

The RPM Power Tibialis bar includes a high quality barbell clamp to make it tight and reliable. When you exercise, you don't have to worry about plates slipping or falling.

Premium Foam Pads

Premium Foam Pads

The RPM Power Tib Bar uses high quality foam pads to make leg training more comfortable.

Durable Steel Construction

Our Tib Bar is built from durable steel, allowing the weld to be smooth without any bulge so you can put on weight plates smooth.

Tibialis Bar 1500px

Suitable for 2" Weight Plates

Suitable for 2" Weight Plates

Tibialis Bar 1500px

Compatible with 2" weight plates, load up the RPM Power Tib Bar with a weight capacity with a max load of up to 65kg to meet all your training needs.


15 Meter - 50mm Diameter (24kg)15 Meter - 50mm Diameter (24kg)
12 Meter - 50mm Diameter (20kg)12 Meter - 50mm Diameter (20kg)
9 Meter - 50mm Diameter (15kg)9 Meter - 50mm Diameter (15kg)
Tib Bar | Tibialis Trainer

Out of stock