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Trim & Tone Bundle


Trim & Tone Bundle


5kg Weight Vest – 5KG

4,8,12kg Cast Iron Kettlebell – 4kg, 8kg, 12kg

11kg Adjustable Dumbbells – 22KG

9m 38mm Battle Rope – 9kg

Fabric Resistance Bands Set – 900g

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The products in the RPM Power® Hercules Bundle each come with a 1 year guarantee.
The guarantee period commences when the item has been delivered to the purchaser or user.

What is covered during the guarantee period?

✔ Malfunction defects that are a direct result of a manufacturing issue(s)
✔ Spare parts free of charge provided the purchaser can provide sufficient, timely evidence of missing/defective parts
✔ Products purchased directly through the RPM Power® website

RPM Power® reserves the right to determine what constitutes manufacturing defects as well as wear and tear.
A guarantee does not cover products for commercial use and is non transferable to a third party.
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Lean & Mean Workout Possibilities

1kkg adjustable dumbbell

With the versatility available in this bundle deal, building muscle and getting shredded has never been any easier.

For those interested in a combination of strength, cardio and endurance training, this bundle has been tailor made for you. Easily tone your muscles and develop strength with the combination of equipment available in this bundle.

Bundle Highlights

  • 2 x 11kg Adjustable Dumbbells
  • 3 x Fabric Resistance Bands
  • 5kg Weight Vest
  • 9 Metre 38mm Battle Rope
  • 3 x Cast Iron Kettlebells

Heavy-weight durable design

The RPM Power® Battle Rope features a durable nylon sleeve to protect both the user and the rope from friction damage. The sleeve ensures the rope can be used in any environment or setting without causing or acquiring damage. These ropes are made to a professional standard and are built to withstand years of cardio training, home fitness muscle building workouts.


Adjust in No Time

When you use adjustable dumbbells, you have the option of multiple different weight increments to choose from. By simply moving the pin at the top of the dumbbells, the internal safety lock mechanism will ensure that your desired weights can be lifted with ease.

weight vest sale, weight vest ireland

Burn More Calories

Designed to help maximize performance and intensity, these weighted vests will add difficulty to walking, body-weight exercises and running. The vest is simple to put on and off thanks to a buckle belt and has a mesh back pocket for storage.

fabric resistance bands

Durable & Comfortable

Fabric resistance bands are made from a highly durable elastic fabric material. RPM Power hip bands are thicker and wider than latex mini bands, giving them greater resistance and resistant to tearing. They fit snug to the legs and they will not roll up or move up or down when doing exercises.