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How does Powerball Work?

Finger Starting Powerball

Colm Testimonial

Elbow Extensors

Elbow Flexors

Finger Flexors and Extensors

Finger Starting Powerball

Forearm Pronators and Supinators

Golfer's Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis) Program

How does Powerball Work?

How Powerball Rehabilitates

How Powerball Strengthens

Powerball Intro

Powerball Lifestyle Video

Powerball Product Features

Powerball Rehabilitation Video

Powerball Strengthening Video

Quick Guide to Starting Autostart Powerball

Shoulder Abductors

Shoulder Extensors

Shoulder Flexors

Shoulder External Rotators

Shoulder Girdle Upper Trapezius

Starting Autostart Powerball Without your Hands

Tennis Elbow

Ultimate guide to starting your Autostart Powerball

What is Powerball?

Why Powerball - 60 second intro video





All Powerball® Gyroscope’s are covered by a 1 year guarantee.
Please note:
exhausted batteries or damage caused to the LCD display are not included.

The guarantee period commences when the item has been delivered to the purchaser or user.

What is covered during the guarantee period?

Malfunction defects that are a direct result of a manufacturing issue(s)

Spare parts free of charge provided the purchaser can provide sufficient, timely evidence of missing/defective parts

Products purchased directly through the RPM Power® website

RPM Power® reserves the right to determine what constitutes manufacturing defects as well as wear and tear.

A guarantee does not cover products for commercial use and is non-transferable to a third party.

For full terms and conditions of RPM Power® warranty and guarantee information please see here.



French: Réhabilitation et renforcement des doigts de Powerball

French: Réhabilitation et renforcement du poignet - Powerball

French: Démarrer Autostart Powerball - Le guide ultime

French: Réhabilitation du bras Powerball - Pauses au bras, fractures, microtraumatismes répétés

French: Tennis Elbow Rehabilitation - Soulagement apaisant avec Powerball

French: Vidéo de remise en forme du coude des golfeurs - Epicondylite médiale





Spanish: Arrancar Powerspin - subtítulos en español

Spanish: Guía definitiva para comenzar Autostart Powerball - Traducción al español

Spanish: Guía en español para comenzar su Autostart Powerball

Spanish: Powerball Rehabilitación del codo de tenista

Spanish: Rehabilitación y fortalecimiento de dedos y manos con Powerball

Spanish: Rehabilitación del brazo Powerball: roturas de brazos, fracturas y lesiones por esfuerzo repetitivo.




Italian: Dito e mano Riabilitazione e potenziamento con Powerball

Italian: Guida definitiva all'avvio di Autostart Powerball

Italian: Inizia una breve guida all'avvio del tuo cavo Powerball - Sottotitoli in italiano

Italian: La guida definitiva all'avvio di un cavo avvia Powerball: istruzioni italiane

Italian: Powerball Build Finger Strength

Italian: Powerball arm rehabilitation - Arm fractures, repetitive strain injuries

Italian: Riabilitazione del gomito del tennista - Sollievo calmante con Powerball

Italian: Riabilitazione e rafforzamento del polso con Powerball - Wrist Rehab Italian Subtitles

Italian: Video di riabilitazione del gomito del golfista - Epicondilite mediale -Golfers Elbow


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