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RPM Bundles are some of our most popular items paired together at an incredible price. Here at RPM we listen to our customers, and we try to come up with the best deals whether its dumbbells and benches or a Rower with Battle Ropes we've got a bundle suited for you. 

Mini Iron Strength Bundle Iron Strength Bundle Mega Iron Strength Bundle
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Bench P1100 P1100 U3800
Olympic Bar Length: 1500mm (5ft)
Weight 12kg
Load: 230kg
Length: 1800mm (6ft)
Weight: 15kg
Load: 230kg
Length: 2200mm (7ft)
Weight: 20kg
Load: 450kg
Plates 4 Bumper Plates combining 30KG
2 x 5kg
2 x 10kg
6 Bumper Plates combining 60KG
2 x 5kg
2 x 10kg
2 x 15kg
10 Bumper Plates combining 150KG
2 x 5kg
2 x 10kg
2 x 15kg
2 x 20kg
2 x 25kg
Square Rack Standard Squat Rack Squat Rack Pro Squat Rack Pro