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Olympic Technique Barbell – 6ft (8kg)


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Our customers love us!
Our customers love us!

Perfect your technique with the RPM Power Aluminum Coloured Olympic Barbell Range

Lift in Style.

These aluminum coloured olympic barbells (technique) are an exceptional foundation to learn and master a wide variety of staple exercises such as deadlifts, squats and presses. The unique colour range of the barbells makes them stand out in comparison to duller similar models, perfect for those who are starting out their lifting journey.

Product Highlights

  • Bar Length: 1800mm - 6ft
  • 4 Needle Bearings
  • Product Weight: 8kg
  • Max Loading: 136kg
  • Coating: Silver Zinc
  • Perfect Starter Bar

Perfect for Beginners

The 8kg Coloured Olympic Barbells technique bar is great for home use without compromising on weightlifting load. With a considerable max load of 136kg means you won’t be selling yourself short in your sessions. The RPM Power Pink Olympic Bar is for anyone who’s focused on building muscle and perfecting form.


Vibrant Colour

Vibrant Colour


With three unique colour combinations, these Coloured Olympic Barbells technique are certain to light up your training area. Workout in style with a coloured Barbell to suit your taste and style.

Girl using pink Olympic technique barbell

Master the Fundamentals

RPM Power Olympic Barbells are a workout essential. Choose from our lighter 1200mm bars ranging to a full sized 2200mm Olympic Barbell to fit your squat rack, bench or lifting area. Knurled for secure grip, this bar has a 28mm shaft diameter, suitable for standard 2” weights.

OlympicBarbell Technique Blue Ireland

Beauty In Colour

Beauty In Colour

OlympicBarbell Technique Blue Ireland

Unlike standard Barbells, the RPM Power Technique Coloured Barbells will light up any gym they find themselves in. Stylish, elegant and functional, these Coloured Technique Barbells are suitable for all levels.


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Olympic Technique Barbell – 6ft (8kg)
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