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Powerball Gyroscope Titan Autostart Pro


titan pro autostart powerball, titan pro
Powerball Gyroscope Titan Autostart Pro


We call the Titan Pro the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the Powerball Gyroscope for a reason. Featuring a precision-built, weighted zinc rotor encompassed by a polished aluminium shell – the exquisite exterior of this Gyro ball is matched only by the sheer power within. 

  • Heavyweight Aluminium Shell
  • Zinc Rotor
  • Autostart Gyro Mechanism
  • Isometric Resistance
  • Pure Arm Strengthening
  • Hand Rehabilitation
  • Largest & most Powerful NSD Powerball in Existence


NSD Powerball Autostart Titan Pro is one of the most powerful forearm, grip & wrist strengthening devices ever built. Spin the Powerball Gyroscope Titan Pro at speeds of 20,000rpm+ and generate up to 27kg of inertial resistance for powerful upper arm muscles and a strong, solid grip.

HEAVYWEIGHT ALUMINIUM SHELL – NSD Powerball Titan Autostart Pro boasts a military-grade, aluminium shell that ensures for a silky-smooth, ultra-quiet spin performance with absolutely zero vibration and is drop resistant.

AUTOSTART ZINC ROTOR – The heavyweight rotor of NSD Powerball Gyro Titan is made of solid zinc and can spin at speeds of up to 20,000rpm. Automatic starting for quick activation (no strings needed).

ARM STRENGTHENING – NSD Powerball Titan Pro can output a force of 27kg and is one of the most powerful hand exercisers in the world. Built for pure arm strengthening, spinning this Powerball Gyro will ensure for powerful upper arm muscles and a strong, solid grip.

LARGER GYRO: Titan Pro Gyro is twice the weight (520g) and 30% larger than our standard 280Hz Powerball models. The sheer power of this Powerball means it is not recommended for rehabilitation purposes.

Weight 0.520 kg


Product Type

Powerball Metal Series


  • NSD Powerball Gyroscope Titan Pro
  • Keyring
  • Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
  • Protective Case
  • Information Booklet

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NSD Powerball Gyroscope Titan Autostart Pro

titan pro powerball gyroscope

The Toughest Powerball Ever Built

Powerball Gyroscope Titan Pro Powerball is one of the most powerful hand exercisers in the world. Weighing just 520g, Titan can generate an immense 27kg of resistance when used at maximum spin speeds. Smooth, powerful, easy to start, quiet and a joy to use - Titan Pro gyro ball successfully combines elegance with power for intense strengthening results. We recommend Powerball Titan Pro for anyone looking to build muscle in their arms, strengthen their wrist and elbow joints and of course, develop the ultimate grip.

Product Highlights

  • Polished chrome aluminium shell
  • Heavyweight zinc rotor
  • LCD Speed counter
  • Automatic starting
  • Generates up to 27kg in resistance
  • 30% larger than standard gyro balls
  • No battery, no cord
  • For intense arm strengthening
  • Drop resistant

metal series powerball titan, rpm power

Polished Aluminium Shell

The polished chrome shell of Titan Pro Gyroball is made from solid aluminium metal and offers a pleasant weighted feel in the hand. The smooth round shell allows for better grip and is 30% larger then standard Powerball models, making it the ideal choice for larger hands.

Powerball Titan in box

Solid Zinc Rotor

Powerball Titan Pro's high-precision solid zinc, heavyweight rotor can spin at speeds of up to 20,000rpm (rotations per minute), completely vibration free. This zinc rotor is far heavier than those inside our standard Powerball models and it can output nearly twice the resistance/torque making Titan Pro gyroscope one of the most powerful gyroscopic exerciser ever made.

titan metal series, autostart metal gyro

Autostart Mechanism

NSD Powerball Titan is fitted with an autostart mechanism for quick activation and fuss-free spinning every time. Simply wind back the rotor, release and start spinning. No strings needed!

speed counter powerball gyroscope titan pro

LCD Speed Counter

Titan Autostart Pro is fitted with a 4-mode Acura 2.0 LCD speed counter for easily monitoring your strengthening progress. Get an exact reading on your spin speeds every time - the counter also saves your highest spin speed for 24 hours. No battery required, the speed counter is powered solely by the magnetic inertia of the spinning rotor!

powerball metal gyroscope in hand

Built for Intense Strengthening

As you spin Powerball it generates resistance - the faster you spin, the stronger the resistance will be. Harness the immense power of Titan Autostart Pro at fast speeds (up to 20,000rpm!) to benefit from intense strengthening that will seriously develop your arm muscles and grip strength.

powerball gyroscope titan pro and case

Strength Training With No Risks

The resistance Powerball generates is called ‘isometric resistance’. Isometric resistance engages a much higher percentage of muscle fibres than standard isotonic training (e.g. free weights) does. It is also non-impact, making it a form of strengthening that places ZERO strain on your muscles as you exercise. In a nutshell - it’s weight training with none of the injury risk.

metal gyroscope for arm strengthening

Injury Prevention

Titan is designed to strengthen and reinforce the joints and muscles in your arm and wrist. Give it a quick spin every day to benefit from stronger limbs that are better protected from injury. Powerball is fantastic for combating the effects of repetitive strain injury (RSI), such as carpal tunnel and tendonitis, as well as breaks and sprains.

titan on guitar

Enhanced Sport & Music Ability

An effective exercise tool that will dramatically improve grip strength and finger dexterity, Powerball is a great product for all serious athletes (golf, tennis, climbing, boxing, etc.) and musicians (guitar, drums, piano). Grip harder, move faster, play longer with Powerball.

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