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Single Resistance Band (x-Light – Extra-Strong)


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Single Resistance Band (x-Light – Extra-Strong)

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Our customers love us!
Our customers love us!


Light (Red) |13mm / 15 – 35lbsLight (Red) |13mm / 15 – 35lbs
Medium (Black) | 21mm / 25 – 65lbsMedium (Black) | 21mm / 25 – 65lbs
Strong (Purple) | 32mm / 35 – 85lbsStrong (Purple) | 32mm / 35 – 85lbs
Extra Strong (Green) | 45mm / 50-125lbsExtra Strong (Green) | 45mm / 50-125lbs



Premium Individual Resistance Band for stretching & strength training

For beginners and experts alike, the resistance bands are stack able and can be combined to allow you to achieve the highest levels of resistance intensity possible. Simple, powerful, versatile - the workout possibilities are endless. These professional-standard RPM Resistance Bands are the perfect addition to any training session, or use them on their own for an intense full-body workout. This versatile band will provide you with customized workouts that suit your personal fitness goals.

Product Highlights

  • Maximizes Strength
  • Rejuvenates Bones
  • Increases Mass
  • Rehabilitate Injury
  • Stretch your Muscles
  • Portable & Convenient

light 15kg exercise band

Natural Latex

These bands are constructed from high-quality resilient latex, allowing the elastic to be durable even after many sessions of use. Simply choose your level of resistance to start your total body workout.

strength training with resistance bands

Rehabilitate Injuries

Rehabilitate Injuries

strength training with resistance bands

The low-impact training that resistance bands offer is fantastic for rehabilitating injuries. The bands can stimulate blood flow to muscles throughout your body, offering a form of training which can strengthen your muscles and prevent injury.

black resistance band

Combine with Any Training

Simple, powerful, versatile - the workout possibilities are endless. This professional -standard Resistance Band is the perfect addition to any training session or use it on it's own for an intense full-body workout. The versatility of this band makes it the ideal fitness tool for anyone looking to step up a level in their strength training.

Attach to other equipment

Attach to other equipment

Individual resistance bands offer a wide range of possible strengthening exercises and is suitable for intermediate to advanced athletes with experience with resistance bands. Additionally these powerful resistance bands are easy to combine with your favorite piece of exercise equipment (e.g. door pull up bar, dumbbell, outdoor gym).