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Slant Board – Adjustable Incline Board


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Our customers love us!
Our customers love us!


Light (Red) |13mm / 15 – 35lbsLight (Red) |13mm / 15 – 35lbs
Medium (Black) | 21mm / 25 – 65lbsMedium (Black) | 21mm / 25 – 65lbs
Strong (Purple) | 32mm / 35 – 85lbsStrong (Purple) | 32mm / 35 – 85lbs
Extra Strong (Green) | 45mm / 50-125lbsExtra Strong (Green) | 45mm / 50-125lbs

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PowerBalance Slant Board

Stretch, Strengthen, Rehabilitate

The RPM Power Balance Slant Board is a simple, yet versatile piece of equipment that has helped thousands of people all over the world to rehabilitate injury, regain strength and relieve pain by stretching unrelenting and painful muscles.

Product Highlights

  • 5 incline levels
  • Easily adjustable
  • Curved, raised base for heal support
  • Textured grain surface for extra grip
  • Made of heavy-duty, solid iron

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The Slant Board was originally designed for the rehabilitation of Achilles tendinitis, Patellar tendinitis & Plantar Fasciitis, injuries that affect the tendons in the lower leg. Using a Slant Board affords you a deep and focused stretch of the muscles and tendons from the heal to the calf, right up to the hamstring and into the glutes - making it ideal for the rehabilitation of these injuries among others.

slant board exercise

Squat Deeper

Squat Deeper

slant board exercise

With 5 incline levels to choose from, the Slant Board acts as a squat wedge will help you diversify your workout, helping you grow stronger and gain greater mobility & flexibility in a host of exercises including squats, deadlift, tap downs and more!

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The Ultimate Stretch

Adjust the incline of the Slant Board or practice one of the many stretching positions recommended on our website. Slant Boards offer a variety of stretching techniques that will effectively relive any muscle tension or tightness in the lower leg area and greatly increase overall flexibility and mobility.

slant board squat

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

slant board squat

Greatly lower the risk of incurring an injury by practicing daily stretching with a Slant Board. Build muscle endurance, flexibility and strength to maintain muscle & tendon health and reduce fatigue. Perfect for keeping you strong and protected from sports injuries or repetitive strain injuries. Slant Boards are ideal for warming up/cooling down the muscles before and after sport.