Intense 9 Minute Powerspin Workout

Advanced Powerpin Workout 

If you are looking for an intense gyroscopic workout then following this 9-minute Powerspin routine is what you are looking for. This workout targets your whole upper body including biceps, triceps, shoulders and core. The workout is purely isometric and will leave you seriously pumped when you’re finished. This is ideal for all ages and all fitness levels. The fitter you are the faster you can spin. The faster you spin the more resistance you will feel. For rehabilitation, Powerspin is ideal for all upper arm, tricep/bicep and shoulder injuries. Allowing you to build strength even when you are injured. Powerspin also tones and shapes your upper arms & upper body like no other exercise product on the planet.

Variable Infinite Resistance

Powerspin affords infinitely variable isometric resistance slow and gentle for rehabilitation or high-intensity workouts which will leave your muscles burning in under 60 seconds. Easy to use, portable and affordable Powerspin is a mobile gym for your upper body. Just stick it in the bag, carry out the 9-minute workout above or any of our other workouts that come included (We find many people make up their own). Powerspin is also uniquely adept at helping you warm up before strenuous activity especially for people with difficulties with shoulder injuries or anyone concerned about picking up injuries. Find out why this product comes so highly recommended. Check out our Powerspin product page here.