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Metal Series Autostart Powerball® Gyroscopes – high performance technology for intense strengthening and endurance building.


  • What does Autostart Mean?

    All of the Powerball models in our Metal Series range are classed as 'Autostart Powerballs'. These Powerballs are fitted with an automatic starting mechanism and do not require a cord or string to get them started. Simply wind back the rotor three or four times and release for quick and easy starts every time. Check out the 'instructions' page of our website for starting techniques and tips.
  • What is the difference between Titan and Diablo Powerball?

    Titan Powerball is the largest Powerball ever built and is 80mm wide and 60mm in height. Diablo Evo (Pro and Classic) are substantially smaller at 65mm in width and 60mm in height. If you have very small hands, the Titan may feel awkward or large to handle, so we recommend would recommend one of the Diablo models to you. Another difference is that Titan is made from an aluminium shell, while Diablo features a thinner, stainless steel shell. Both Titan and Diablo are equally powerful at high speed (20,000rpm), as they both feature the same heavyweight zinc rotor. However, it is VERY difficult to achieve a spin speed over 16,000rpm, so it can be said that Titan is the more powerful model, as it generates more resistance at lower speeds.
  • How much force / resistance / Torque do the Metal Series Powerballs generate?

    The Titan Pro generates 22.7kg/ 50lbs at 10,000rpm and the Diablo Evo generates 18.7kg/ 41lbs at 10,000rpm. 10,000rpm is an achievable spin speed for the average person. As your wrist, grip and forearm strength increases, your spin speed will become faster and you will be able to generate more resistance. While the Metal Series are calibrated to spin up to 20,000rpm, no human would have the grip strength to generate this type of speed. Theoretically, these products can generate over 40kgs / 100lbs but even the very strongest of athletes may only manage to generate max. 28kgs/ 60lbs. We look forward to someone going faster!
  • How much do these models weigh?

    Titan weighs 520g / 18.34oz and the Diablo weighs 367g / 12.6oz. Incredibly, with some training a person can hope to generate 60 times the actual weight of these Powerballs in resistance. A 367g Powerball can feel like a 20kg dumbbell in your hand, allowing you to build incredible grip strength as a result.
  • Are these models suitable for rehabilitation?

    No matter which Powerball model you chose, for rehabilitation purposes we always recommend spinning at slow speeds only. As our Metal Series Powerballs can generate such high resistance levels, it is difficult not to increase your speed when using them. Just like sticking to speed limits with a sports car - sometimes the temptation is too real! So while our Metal Series models can be used for rehabilitation (at low speeds), it is for this reason, we would advise you purchase one of our standard Powerball models if rehabilitation is what you're after.

    Powerball strengthens the entire kinetic chain of the arm - from fingertip right up to shoulder. If you’re interested in serious strengthening, then our Metal Series Powerballs are the right choice for you. Strengthen your wrists for effective injury prevention, develop incredible grip strength and build muscle mass in the arms and shoulders - it’s as easy as picking up a Powerball.

    How often you use Powerball depends entirely on your level of fitness. We recommend using Powerball for at least 3 minutes a day for strengthening purposes.

    Both the Titan Pro and Diablo Evo Pro feature a 4-mode LCD speed counter for keeping track of your strength and endurance gains. Monitoring your spin speeds will also help you to measure your strengthening progress and endurance gains. What’s more, the Powerball speed counter records and saves your highest spin speeds so that you can constantly improve on your results and compete against friends for the top score.

    No batteries are required to operate these products. Powerball is powered solely by the rotation of your wrist. The LCD speed counter on the other hand, is powered by the magnetic inertia generated by the spinning rotor.