Squat Wedge (Pair)


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Squat Wedge (Pair)

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Our customers love us!
Our customers love us!


Light (Red) |13mm / 15 – 35lbsLight (Red) |13mm / 15 – 35lbs
Medium (Black) | 21mm / 25 – 65lbsMedium (Black) | 21mm / 25 – 65lbs
Strong (Purple) | 32mm / 35 – 85lbsStrong (Purple) | 32mm / 35 – 85lbs
Extra Strong (Green) | 45mm / 50-125lbsExtra Strong (Green) | 45mm / 50-125lbs

mans feet on squat wedges

Improve Mobility, Increase Power.

Optimize Exercise Performance

The RPM Power Squat Wedges elevates your heels and allows you to achieve an increased depth and range of motion in lower extremity training to optimize muscle growth. This is achieved by placing the ankle in plantarflexion which allows a smooth, pain-free motion.

Product Highlights

  • Pair of Squat Wedges
  • Rubber Wedges are Adjustable & Include Straps
  • Weight Capacity of 450kg Combined
  • Perfect for Calf Stretching
  • Durable Design

mans feet squatting on wedge platform

Why Train With A Squat Wedge?

Whether you are a pro or beginner, squatting with your heels elevated can help keep you in the correct posture - boosting your strength performance instantly by improving your mobility and enhancing your trainings efficiency.

man holding barbell and bumper plates squatting on squat wedges

Knees Over Toes Training

Knees Over Toes Training

man holding barbell and bumper plates squatting on squat wedges

By training with a squat wedge, you can easily perform kneesovertoes squats and exercises like ATG Split Squats, allowing you to get stronger, more resilient knees than if you were training without a squat wedge.

mans feet wearing black runners on squat wedges

Adjustable Rubber Squat Wedge

The key difference in our two squat wedges is their design. Unlike our steel squat wedge, our rubber squat wedge can be adjusted and features straps to secure your feet in place when training based on your desired preference.

man holding hexagonal dumbbell squatting on wedge platform

Non-Slip Design

Non-Slip Design

man holding hexagonal dumbbell squatting on wedge platform

With each squat wedge featuring a unique textured surface to ensure you won't slip when training, lift heavier than ever before and increase your performance using our wedges.