Water Rowing Machine VS Air Rowing Machine

Water Rowing Machine VS Air Rowing Machine 

Water rowing machine vs. air rowing machine, when comparing the two you will notice there are a lot of similarities. The same rowing technique & muscle groups are targeted on all machines and utilize a “handle” pull mechanism. Each come equipped with LCD monitors and are compatible with a mobile app to track and store your workouts.

Here are just some things you need to consider when considering the best rowing machine for you:

  1. Training Goals
  2. Storage
  3. Resistance

Depending on what type of training you intend to do, will determine which rower is for you. If you are looking to race, compete & train, then I would choose an air rowing machine. If you need a lower noise level, enjoy the sound of water then I would choose a water rowing machine. If you intend to store your product in the living room or are caught for space and are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing product, the Ashwood Foldable Rower is the one for you.

RPM Power Air Rower is equipped with damper can have various settings that allow different amounts of air to interact with the fan flywheel as you are rowing. This is very similar to changing the water levels in a water rowing machine tank, however you can change this mid workout with the A. The lower setting of the damper the less air that can penetrate the flywheel thus a lighter stroke, changing the damper really changes the feeling of the stroke. 

Changing resistance on the water rowing machine would need to be done prior to commencing your workout, as you will need to add or subtract water from the main tank. Similar to the air rower, the water level will change how the rowing stroke feels. Water rowing machines provide a strong, quiet resistance, smooth stroke and is the closest thing to being on the water. With the added therapeutic sound of water swirl as you pull.

The key point for both rowers is The faster you row, the more resistance you feel!

  Ashwood Foldable Water Rower Aluminium Water Rower Air Rower
Noise level Extra Light Water makes a splashing noise inside the tank, Wood frame noise absorption  Light Water makes a splashing noise inside the tank Moderate “whooshing” air output noise while rowing
Stroke Feel Strong “catch” to easier “finish” Strong “catch” to easier “finish” Lighter “catch” to stronger “finish”.
Storage Foldable Upright storage with wheels   Release-frame locking mechanism for easy disassemble
Weight 27.8kg   32kg
Max User Weight 120kg/265lb   120kg/265lb