Hockey Strength Training

Hockey Strength Training Video

  Hockey strength training with a difference! Don’t take our word for it see this review carried out Hockey Tutorial youtube page. Powerball is perfect for training your;
  • Fingers
  • Hand
  • Grip
  • Wrist
  • Forearm
  • Shoulders
Basically your whole upper limbs! Strength training, lifting himself with his fingers on pull bar All these areas are critical for Ice Hockey & Hockey or any stick sport for that matter. This is especially true in Hockey where you have a flicking motion for shooting and passing. The strength gains you will notice will be considerable with Powerball in a short space of time. So whether your looking for a  more powerful flick shot or stronger arms Powerball is a must have for all Hockey players. The models used in this review are slightly older than our current models so check them out in our Powerball Store

Here is the article that was wrote to accompany the video see Hockey Tutorial!

 Hockey Strength training, hockeystick and Powerball