Isometric Exercise?

Powerball Isometric Exercise Device

  Powerball is the world’s most revolutionary isometric exercise device. Combining science and precision engineering to allow punishing isometric resistance training & rehabilitation. In this blog post, we will go through what is isometric exercise & how it differs to other types of exercise. While also looking at the benefits that isometric exercise has for individuals. At Powerball we have been involved in creating isometric exercise devices for the upper body for 20 yrs. We know a thing or two about the benefits!

What is Isometric Exercise?

Isometric exercise, man doing plank If you are not familiar, isometric exercise means that as you are exercising there is no change in joint angle or muscle length. Whatever part of your body you are exercising you are stationary. Think planks, pushing against a wall or using a Powerball or Powerspin. With Isometric exercise, your muscles are working hard with the forces from the isometric exercise but there is little or no movement involved. Isometric exercise builds strength but has greater benefits in building muscle endurance. Climbers experience huge amounts of isometric exercise when the climb rock faces/climbing walls. This is why they have some of the greatest muscle endurance in the world out of any athletes.

Concentric Exercise

Concentric exercise happens when you undertake bicep curls or use a leg extension machine to exercise your quads in your thighs. The Concentric part of the exercise is when you lift the weight closer to your shoulder with a dumbbell or when push the weights upwards with your legs when exercising your quads. Your muscles feel like they are bulging and getting bigger. However, this is them also contracting and getting shorter as the joint angles changes as you lift the weights. This type of exercise is good for muscle building and strength. Basically ‘pumping iron’.

Eccentric Exercise

Eccentric exercise is the opposite of concentric in that your muscles are stretching and elongating. The below image shows eccentric exercises with a dumbbell. It is hard to do truly eccentric exercise on your own unless you have someone assisting you. In terms of athlete training, the most common form of eccentric exercise is in relation to explosive movements. Athletes use the power that’s built up in the eccentric phase of the exercise and then returning slowly eccentrically stretching the muscle out.

Will Isometric Exercise build muscle?

Building huge muscle solely with Isometric exercise is probably a bit unrealistic. It’s possible but the best (fastest) way to build muscle is with concentric movements (lifting weights). However, a key element of building muscle is placing enough tension on muscles in order to make them bigger and stronger. You are basically putting your muscles under strain and tension by working out, thereby, anything that does this will be beneficial for muscle building.

You’re missing out…

If you have never seriously tried isometric exercise before then you can make significant muscle and strength gains by incorporating it. At Powerball we are the home of Isometric gyroscopic trainers (Powerballs).Isometric exercise device The isometric resistance force that can be created can be upwards of 60+ pounds just by simply turning your wrists. Powerball alone will make a huge difference to your grip and forearm strength which will have benefits in other areas of your training. Complimentary exercise is advised for best results incorporating all types of exercise into your routine (isometric, concentric, eccentric)

Isometric Exercise and Rehabilitation

Isometric Exercise is the most effective type of exercise for rehabilitation. This is due to its non-impact nature which allows you to strengthen your muscles even while you are injured/ in a recovery period. Isometric exercises and stretches have been the mainstay of physicians helping people through recovery and for good reason. Isometric exercise helps the stabilization of joints such as wrists, elbows, and shoulders as well as stopping muscle wastage while in recovery.


If you broke your arm you would not be able to pick up a dumbbell and start doing curls (the cast might get in the way anyways!) However, you would be able to exercise isometrically like using a Powerball. Exercising promotes blood flow which has great health benefits for areas that are trying to heal. Isometric exercise is perfect for;
  • Sprains, breaks & fractures
  • Repetitive strain injuries (prevents & rehabs)
  • Carpal Tunnel syndrome
  • Tennis & Golfer’s elbow
  • Arthritic conditions
  • Tendon damage and on & on…..
If you want to find out more behind the science of how Isometric exercise with Powerball aids rehabilitation visit our How it Works page.

Warming up and Down with Isometric exercise

Whether you’re playing sports, lifting weights or a musician etc it is advisable to warm your muscles up and down to ensure you don’t pick up injuries. Especially, if you are using your body and muscles in explosive bursts. Pitching a baseball, weightlifting (there is too many to mention). Stretching is massively important but so is warming up your muscles. Going straight into concentric exercises can lead to muscles tearing/ damage or repetitive strain injuries over time. Incorporating Isometric exercise into your warm up routine can solve a lot of those problems for you. Cold muscles can tear a lot more easily than ones that are warmed up sufficiently. That is where Powerball or Powerspin can be uniquely effective at allowing you warm your whole upper body up no matter where you are. They are the only isometric exercise device you will need to stay healthy and build strength at home, on the go or in work!

 Powerball Isometric Exercise Device

Powerball is the home of gyroscope exercisers. A Powerball has a rotor (green wheel below) which spins on its axis as your turn your wrists. This rotor creates resistance as you turn your wrists which are known as gyroscopic precision (feels like gravity working against you). The faster the rotor spins the more resistance that is creating against the user. This resistance is purely isometric so your muscles work really hard even though they are static.


If you want to find out more about gyroscopes and how Powerball works please see our blog which will teach you all you need to know about what a gyroscope and a Powerball is! What is a Gyroscope? There is a gyroscopic exerciser to meet everyone’s needs at! Below are our Powerballs in all their glory, however, we also have other isometric products like Powerspin. Powerspin is also an isometric exercise device that uses the same gyroscopic resistance as Powerball and is perfect for upper body fitness training and rehabilitation. See more about Powerspin @ Powerspin product page. Isometric Exercise device Powerspin isometric exercise device