Website Launch Giveaway – How To Win


To celebrate the launch of our new website – RPM Power, we are giving you the chance to win our biggest giveaway yet.

Since the early 2000’s, we have been operating under the domain ‘’, where we have provided people all over the world with long-lasting solutions to rehabilitation, strengthening & fitness. Now, as we look towards the future, we feel confident that our rebranding to RPM Power can continue to encompass the values of professionalism and cost-effective fitness solutions that we have stood by throughout the years.

And we want you to join us in the celebration of our new brand!

Enter our giveaway and get your hands on a collection of incredible RPM POWER products, worth over €1400. It couldn’t be easier to enter – simply:

  • Follow our Instagram account: @rpm_power
  • Tag 2 of your friends below the competition post.
  • Share a screenshot of the post on your story. 
We will announce the winners on Wednesday 26th May 2021 via our Instagram account.


We added a mix of our favourite products to this giveaway, as well as THREE of our brand new arrivals; our elusive new Air Rower, one of our new Battle Ropes and our new Roller Board Blueray with its exciting striped design!


The RPM Power® Foldable Air Rower is a professional-grade exercise machine for low-impact, total body home workouts. Rowing is unique in the fact that it is both an anaerobic and aerobic activity. As a form of cardio (aerobic), rowing will push you to your limits and build endurance as you train. As a form of strength training (anerobic), you’ll build serious muscle strength and tone as you fight against the resistance generated by your movements.

See more information about our Air Rower here.

WORTH €999.99!

2. RPM POWER® Battle Rope


Battle Ropes may be a relatively recent phenomenon, but do not be fooled – there are few fitness tools which demand as much oxygen and energy. Battle Ropes are a versatile exerciser that can be used as the ‘main event’ or as a finishing exerciser for training sessions. The combination of resistance strength training and cardio ensures for a gruelling full-body workout that will leave you on the floor afterwards.

See more information about our Battle Ropes here.

WORTH €224.99!

3. RPM Power® Resistance Bands Pack

Four individual levels of resistance plus a selection of accessories make these bands highly functional yet easy to use and suitable for beginners and elite athletes alike. Vary the intensity of your workout simply by moving up or down a band level or combining two or more bands together – the workout possibilities are substantial. Use these bands on their own for targeted muscle training or add them to your regular exercise regime for even more powerful results. 

Pack includes: 4 x natural-stretch Pull Up Bands (15-125lb / 7-57kg); 2 x comfortable handles; 2 x steel karabiners; 2 x Velcro ankle straps; 1 x door anchor; 1 x storage bag and 1 x exercise guide.

For more information see the product page here.

WORTH €59.99!



 A tough, yet incredibly addictive challenge that will engage your muscles like no other form of exercise – shift your weight from side to side, but don’t touch the floor! The Roller Board is a powerful workout tool that will massively improve balance, coordination, strength and posture.This Roller Board is not easy to master and will challenge even the most advanced athlete. Demanding effort (even from usually dormant muscles), pair it with push ups, planks, squats & more: this board will consistently build strength as you try to maintain your balance.

For more information, please click here.

WORTH €129.99!

5. RPM POWER® Pull Up Bar

The RPM Power® Pull-Up Bar is a robust piece of home gym equipment for intense muscle-building workouts. This versatile exercise bar can be used for high-energy strength training that targets the arms, legs, shoulders, back and core muscles. Simply extend the hooks and attach this Pull-Up Bar to your door frame for immediate use. Ideal for rental apartments as no screws or drilling is required. Includes removable thick rubber pads to prevent markings on door frames and floors.

For more information, visit the product page here.

WORTH €41.99!


Again, to be in with a chance to win this fantastic home gym, simply:

  • Follow our Instagram account: @rpm_power
  • Tag 2 of your friends below the competition post.
  • Share a screenshot of the post on your story. 

We will announce the winners via our Instagram account on Wednesday 26th May 2021.