4 Main Causes of Wrist Pain

4 Main Causes of Wrist Pain

  There  are numerous reasons why you may be feeling wrist pain. Detailed in this blog will be 4 of the main causes of wrist pain and the symptoms associated. We will take a look at;
  1. Wrist Tendonitis
  2. Wrist Tenosynovitis
  3. De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis
  4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Wrist Tendonitis

Wrist Tendonitis Pain Image Wrist Tendonitis is the inflammation or degeneration/damage of any of the flexor or extensor tendons which cross the wrist joint.

Wrist tendonitis Symptoms include

  • Pain and stiffness of the wrist (Especially in the mornings).
  • Tender Wrist Tendon, painful to touch.
  • Possible visible swelling over the effected tendon area

Causes of wrist tendonitis

Wrist Tendonitis is an overuse condition caused from anything from repetitive movements in sport to your work or even playing a musical instrument.

Wrist Tendonitis Treatment

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Wrist Tenosynovitis & De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

Wrist Tenosynovitis & De Quervain's Tenosynovitis Image Wrist Tenosynovitis and De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis is tendon sheath inflammation as a result of injuring your tendon within the wrist. De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis refers to the sheath below the thumb whereby Tenosynovitis is the sheaths within the wrist. This can also occur due to damage of surrounding muscle and bone around the sheaths. Both are similar in the causes of wrist pain, however it is just the area of pain that differentiates them.

Tenosynovitis Symptoms

  • Joint Stiffness
  • Visible swelling or redness over affected area.
  • Possible fever due to infection although this is uncommon.

De Quervain’s tenosynovitis symptoms

  • Pain is more centred around the base of the thumb
  • Sore when straightening or extending the thumb.
  • Swelling & stiffness also present.

Causes Wrist Tenosynovitis & De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

It is typically a repetitive Strain Injury caused by overuse from lots of writing, typing, assembly line work, etc but can sometimes be from arthritis or even from infections although this is rare. De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis is more common in women. Pregnant women are at a higher risk as hormonal changes can cause the inflammation.

Wrist Tenosynovitis Treatment

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Wrist Pain Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful condition affecting the hand and fingers due to compression of a median nerve where it passes over the carpal bones through a passage at the front of the wrist.

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms include

The symptoms typically occur gradually increasing in severity. The early signs can show up as numbness and tingling that comes and goes.

Loss of Strength

Carpal Tunnel syndrome can result in loss of strength in the hand’s and thumbs, dropping objects and problems with gripping may result.

Numbness & Tingling

The temporary numbness that is an early sign of Carpal Tunnel syndrome can become a more constant symptom in the fingers and the hand. The numbness and tingling can travel up your arm towards the elbow and a feeling of an electric shock may be felt in the fingers. The numbness and tingling due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is most common in the index, middle and ring finger. If you have these symptoms but these do not occur in the little finger this is a very good indication that carpal tunnel syndrome is the cause. A different nerve then the Median nerve gives feeling to the little finger.

Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by the squeezing or pressure of the Median nerve. Wrist fractures, arthritis or obesity can be specific reasons that squeezing of the nerve can occur, however, there is typically not one factor that causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but a combination of reasons.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

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