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Magnetic Rowing Machine – Green


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Our customers love us!
Our customers love us!

Magnetic Rowing Machine

Small. Compact and Economical

This incredible Magnetic Rowing Machine has been designed for those seeking to maximize space and efficiency in their home gym. A premium Rower unlike any other, the futuristic design of our Magnetic Rower belongs in any home.

Product Highlights

  • Ultra Quiet Magnetic Rower
  • Simple Assembly
  • Multifunctional LCD screen
  • Full Body Training
  • Space Efficient
  • Easy to store

Dual Handlebars

Choose from the two different handlebars included with this magnetic rower to optimize your workouts. Use the standard bar for endurance based rows and the strapped handles to activate a greater amount of muscles in your upper body.

Multifunctional Digital Monitor:

Multifunctional Digital Monitor:

The RPM Power Magnetic Rowing Machine provides you with the insights to track your workouts like no other. Track statistics such as TOTAL COUNT, CALORIE, COUNT/MIN, COUNT, SCAN & TIME to measure your progress and reach your fitness goals. Whether you are a beginner or expert, our Magnetic Rower has something for you.

Adjustable Non-Slip Pedals:

The widened pedals of our magnetic rowing machine include safety straps and adjustable length pedals. With your feet completely fixed when in use, you can workout with maximum security to get the most out of your performance.

3D Elastic Seat:

3D Elastic Seat:

Our Magnetic Rowing Machine includes a highly elastic large seat for optimum comfort during training. Exceptionally comfortable to sit on, the 3D surface of the seat allows for long, enduring rowing workouts for extended periods of time.


15 Meter - 50mm Diameter (24kg)15 Meter - 50mm Diameter (24kg)
12 Meter - 50mm Diameter (20kg)12 Meter - 50mm Diameter (20kg)
9 Meter - 50mm Diameter (15kg)9 Meter - 50mm Diameter (15kg)
Magnetic Rowing Machine
Magnetic Rowing Machine – Green

Out of stock