My Powerball is making an unusual noise when I spin it

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Building progressive speed on your Powerball® demands proper technique to ensure that your wrist rotation is correctly matched and synched to the spinning rotor at all times.

While learning the correct technique at the very beginning, some users will either attempt to rotate their wrists too quickly or, make the circumference of their turning circles too small; this results in them running out of sync with the spinning rotor and causes it to ‘slap’ or clack noisily in the shell every few seconds – synchronising your wrist rotation speed so that it fully aligns with the rotor speed will solve this immediately and see your Powerball® spin quickly soar to 10,000rpm+.

From experience, you will see that a good, sharp pull on the starting cord or winding the rotor back 2-3 turns on your Powerball® Autostart™ and releasing will activate the rotor to approximately 2500/3000rpm – this is the ideal Powerball® starting speed.

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