How do I clean my Powerball and why is it important?

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  1. Open Powerball® and dismantle it to base component level.
  2. Get some pure alcohol and start cleaning each and every component surface, paying particular attention to the entire rotor support ring and the actual surface areas on the inner sphere on which the rotor support band sits.
  3. Make sure you use a pure, NON SOLVENT solution – ie, DO NOT use a nail varnish remover or similar, otherwise you will risk melting the surface areas.
  4. Ideally you should use a pure alcohol to ensure that it evaporates fully after the process and leaves no residue behind.
  5. Once cleaned, rub down all surfaces once again with a clean, dry cloth to ensure that any potential residue has been fully removed and then reassemble Powerball®.
  6. Once the oil has been removed in this manner, the prior frictional relationship will be fully restored and Powerball® should spin smoothly as before.

Do not oil your powerball or use additional lubricant

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