Is a Powerball good for strength training?

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Powerball helps develop muscle strength, power and endurance quickly and efficiently. Powerball’s revolutionary isometric resistance builds strength and endurance helping you  keep muscles strong and injury-free

Increase Finger, Hand & Grip Strength

Trusted by climbers and sports enthusiasts in over 200 countries worldwide, Powerball’s revolutionary isometric resistance builds strength and endurance in the hands & fingers like no other exercise device in the marketplace today.

Powerball’s range of physio designed exercise programs are easy to follow; hold the ball with just the fingertips and spin at moderate speeds for 2-3 minutes several times daily – you’ll rapidly create powerful, nimble & highly dexterous fingers…and build crushing grip strength in the process.

Strengthen Weak Wrists & Banish Wrist Pain

Typing, twisting, driving, brushing, serving, turning, flicking.. the highly complex wrist is the most used joint in the body and is susceptible to a wide range of mobility limiting conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, arthritis, numbness and breakage if not properly exercised and maintained.

Simply spinning Powerball® for 2-3 minutes several times daily ensures that the wrist remains stable, flexible and strong and helps keep it immune from the many ailments fostered upon the joint by today’s active lifestyles.

Build Powerful Forearms & Prevent RSI

Spinning Powerball® for 2-3 minutes, several times daily, or following one of the physio designed exercise programs, helps promote powerful blood flow throughout the tissue and builds strength and endurance in the muscle. This keeps your forearms strong and supple and ensures excellent range of motion at the elbow.

Powerball® is perfect for improving forearm and grip strength in all training regimes, regardless of current fitness level. Track your strength gains with Powerball’s on-board speed computer and test your progress in both muscle endurance and power.

Rehabilitation & Strengthening of the Elbow Joint

Simple movements (typing, writing, sports, gardening, gaming etc), performed thousands of times each day cause tiny tears in your forearm muscles (overuse / RSI), bringing tightness, inflammation and pain around the elbow joint.

The smooth, non-impact resistance generated by spinning Powerball for 2-3 minutes, several times daily helps strengthen the forearm muscles, lubricate the elbow joint and drive significant blood flow right throughout the arm to both rehabilitate and prevent against the effects of all RSI related conditions, keeping your arm healthy and strong from fingertip to shoulder.

Improving Strength & Stability in the Shoulder

The shoulder is a highly complex joint that’s particularly susceptible to injury. Powerball® offers a range of physio designed exercises to specifically target the shoulder extensors, abductors, flexors, external rotators & shoulder girdle.

Spinning Powerball for just 2-3 minutes, several times daily, helps to strengthen and maintain stability in the shoulder blade and rotator cuff muscles and ligaments – it also enhances blood flow, helping ensure smooth movement of the shoulder joint, regardless of the sport you play or the task you need to carry out.

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