Will a door pull up bar fit my door frame?

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The Door Pull-Up Bar (Including the Door Pull Up Bar, Evo Door combo and the Door Pull Up Bar Evo with Straps) is suitable for door frames measuring 70-90cm L x 12-21cm W (frame depth). With two horizontal steel bars for greater versatility, this bar is particularly suitability for taller people; the top bar is a full 20cms higher than your traditional pull-up bar allowing for full extension and dip for pull-ups. This is foldable and easily taken down after use, please bear in mind that the door will need to be fully open while using your door pull up bar. Just insure the bar has enough clearance above, so that when you reach a top position of a pull up the space allows for a head & shoulders above the top bar.

The Adjustable Door Bars come in four adjustable lengths: Adjustable Door Gym Bar (S) – 65 – 90, Adjustable Door Gym Bar (L) – 90 – 120, Adjustable Door Gym Bar (XL) – 110 – 140, Adjustable Door Gym Bar (XXL) – 140 – 170. The RPM Power® Adjustable Pull-Up Bar can be easily mounted within any door frame or between two structures so that the width can be adjusted at ease. The telescopic mechanism means it is incredible easy to install and remove. If non of your doors are suitable, you may have a narrow hallway or two uprights that may provide a suitable structure to fix your bar between. 

We highly recommend you measure the door frame in which you intend to use your Pull Up Bar BEFORE purchase. 



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