Selecting a indoor bike based on the flywheel weight

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Selecting a indoor bike based on the flywheel weight

A flywheel is one of the main differentiators between a standard upright bike and a spin bike. All of the RPM Power spin bikes are equipped with a belted flywheel. The flywheel stores inertia and kinetic energy as it spins to simulate road-bike level resistance. The flywheel weight also plays a vital role in controlling the resistance and inertia of the bike. Hence, while considering a spin bike, anything that matters the most is the flywheel weight. Enjoy the challenge of cycling up a steep incline or riding down a hill simply by adjusting the resistance level. Flywheel weight matters can vary from 10kg (5800), 13kg (9800) and 18kg (S4000).

Heavier vs. Lighter Flywheel

A heavier flywheel takes more initial energy to get it moving, but once it is moving, it wants to keep moving longer. People who are looking to mimic the feel of riding outside usually prefer heavier flywheels because they take more energy to start from a cold start- just like a real road bike. Bikes with flywheels this heavy are going to be able to build a lot of momentum as you pedal, which is going to make for a smooth ride

Unlike heavy flywheels, lighter ones don’t take as much energy or momentum to start or stop. This is great for less experienced riders or knees prone to injury, but it might not mimic the feel of a road bike as much as a heavy flywheel bike does. lighter flywheels help promote hamstring and glute recruitment during pedalling which makes your legs pedal faster helping you to work harder.

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