Benefits of Resistance Bands


While there are several types of resistance bands which may be confusing, they all fall under the same parent category. They do have minor differences, however they can be described as one. Resistance bands are rubber bands which are either flat or tubular. With their sole use being as a rehabilitation method for those wanting to get back to exercise post injury, their purpose has evolved significantly throughout the years. 

Being used originally for physiotherapy sessions in the 1990s the transition to becoming a mainstream piece of exercise equipment has only happened in more recent years. The understanding that the bands offer tremendous benefits is what has led to their spike in popularity in recent years. Being incredibly useful for home workouts, resistance bands add an extra load of tension to exercises, making them more challenging and aiding in muscle activation and rehabilitation.



Here at RPM Power, we have 3 main different types of resistance bands. These are:

  • Unbreakable Tube Bands 
  • Pull-Up Bands
  • Loop Bands 


Unbreakable Resistance Tube Bands are long pieces of natural high-strength latex which have handles at the end. Being very similar to looped resistance bands, they are a more practical way to add resistance to upper body exercises such as rows, side raises and bicep curls.

Our unbreakable resistance tube bands include 2 x handles, 2 x ankle straps, 2 x carabiners and a door anchor, making them an exceptionally versatile piece of equipment.

With the 5 different levels of bands being interchangeable, increase or decrease the level of difficulty to train your entire body with ease. The handles on the resistance tubes offer the advantage of being able to be anchored anywhere, allowing it to be easier to get a gym-like workout on the go. 




Pull-Up Bands work in a similar way but are even more robust. These bands are probably the most frequently used by fitness enthusiasts. They have more potential for developing muscle and the variety of resistance band exercises one can do. With four different levels of resistance available, the thicker the band, the greater the resistance. If you have difficulty doing a pull up, these bands are perfect for assisting your form in any way possible.

Simply loop the bands around the pull up bar to aid your pull up progress. In terms of exercises one can do with our Pull-Up bands set, the options are near endless.

Including 4 x different levels of resistance bands and 2 x robust handles, 2 x steel karabiners, 1 x door anchor, 2 x ankle straps, 1 x storage bag and 1 x workout guide, these resistance bands are ideal for any home workout.



Loop bands are the ideal set of bands for activation stretching, flexibility exercises and resistance training. Being highly-elastic and durable, the bands allow for intense & controlled muscle tension for effective results. These resistance loop bands come in 5 different levels of resistance.


benefits of resistance bands

1 . inexpensive

To first summarize the many benefits of resistance bands training, it is important to be practical with the benefits one can get from resistance band workouts. Unlike a lot of gyms equipment out there in the modern market, resistance bands are cheap.

Compared to treadmills, bikes and barbells, they are one of the most efficient ways of getting in shape. The exact price of the bands will vary depending on the type of band you purchase, but here at RPM Power we are confident that our bands can help you workout for less. 

Resistance Tube Band

2. Portable

Unlike many other forms of exercise equipment, resistance bands are easy to carry around with you. Instead of buying equipment that is difficult to move, resistance bands can be brought with you outdoors or wherever you’d like to go. If you have to move around frequently, resistance bands are perfect for wherever you are.

strong resistance band

3 . Total body workouts

The ability to gain a full-body workout from using resistance bands training is one of the best aspects of resistance bands. For anyone who has ever started a new fitness routine, gaining a total-body workout is essential for the development of your physique.

If you train frequently, your muscles will get used to the same workout routine and not develop as much. Fortunately, resistance bands workouts will offer you 100’s of different varieties to workout with. For instance, you can attach your bands to pull up bars or your door to increase the difficulty of the workouts, allowing you to develop your workout routines. Scientific studies have also concluded that training with resistance bands improves multiple health benefits within the body (Smith et al., 2017).




Resistance bands in their simplest forms are commonly used for rehabilitative exercises. If you have in the past suffered from injury, you can reap the rewards of resistance bands to improve your workout routine. They can be used before or after any workout to build mobility and flexibility in all levels. Getting into the habit of regularly stretching with resistance bands is one of the many benefits.




Unlike many other exercises, you can pick up how to use resistance bands in a matter of minutes. Resistance bands can be used to modify many familiar exercises, so even if you are a complete beginner you will understand how to do them. Adding resistance and toning your body at a fast rate is easy to do with resistance bands workouts.




With progression of level being one of the most important aspects of exercise, it is important to understand how resistance bands do this. With resistance bands coming in a variety of different levels, they offer the perfect chance to progress your level of fitness. To master results with resistance bands, one must constantly be increasing their personal best. Using a higher level of resistance is the best way to do this. 




As you don’t work with heavy weights, you are protecting the potential to damage your muscles and joints by dropping a piece of equipment on your body.


do resistance bands work?

If your goal is to train and get stronger over a period of time, you will find the benefits of resistance bands more than suitable. Resistance bands work for strength training consistently, but like any other exercise, they will only prove beneficial if you put in maximum effort.

Pushing for higher reps is the best way to improve your endurance and gain strength and fast as possible. Resistance bands are exceptionally useful for endurance training as they are a much lower intensity than weights, allowing you to reach high repetitions faster. 

Overall, weight training may offer you a better level of strength in the long run, simply due to the variety of weights to choose from, allowing you to maximise your progress more than with resistance band training. However, resistance bands will help you progress to heavier weights, and can allow you to build a solid physique from home.

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