How do you adjust the weight of the dumbbell?

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Adjusting the weight of these dumbbells couldn’t be easier: depending on the dumbbell you have, simply twist the handle, turn the dial or adjust the pin to your desired weight.

*Please be aware that the weights are not sequential in some models.

20KG Adjustable Dumbbell

  1. Press firmly downward on the handle to activate the antilock mechanism and twist the handle several rotations; twist it both backwards and forwards to ensure that it turns freely in each direction. 
  1. As you twist the handle, you will notice that the weight indicator dials change on each side to reflect the selected weight. The dumbbell includes 16 individual weight settings ranging from 2.3kg to 20kg, with each individual weight selection displayed in both kilograms (kg) and pounds (lb). Simply turn the handle until the desired weight setting appears on the dial.
  1. Each time you twist the handle to select a different weight setting, you will hear an audible ‘click’ to confirm the new selection.
  2. EVER attempt to forcibly twist the handle when the dumbbell is not sitting directly on its base as this will cause material damage to the product. There will ALWAYS be a simple reason why the handle is not turning smoothly. 
  • It may be as a result of the dumbbell not sitting correctly on the base;
  • OR that one or more of the plates are in the wrong position on the base;
  • OR that a plate is facing in the wrong direction;
  • OR that something has managed to find its way into the handle mechanism. 

5. When lifting or returning the loaded dumbbell (or an empty handle) onto the base, always ensure that it remains horizontal / parallel to the base as you smoothly lower it back into place. NEVER insert or remove the dumbbell laterally or at an angle to the other plates as doing so may restrict that smooth return and/or cause plate misplacement on the base. 

11KG Adjustable Dumbbell

To adjust the weight on your 11kg Dumbbell, the user has to lift up the weight adjusting knob and move it forward or backward (as indicated in arrows- pictured) to the desired weight. Then drop and lock into the selected weight slot.

A user has to press down the handle bar when selecting the weight to prevent it from lifting up and hinder the movement of the weight adjusting pin

Warning! A user cannot lift up and move the weight adjusting pin when in use to prevent the plates from falling off.

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