How to reset my 24kg/40kg adjustable dumbbell?

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Please Note: The video and images use the 24kg dumbbell but the 40kg dumbbell is identical with the EXCEPTION that, where it refers to ‘turning the dials back to 2.5kg’ on the 24kg dumbbell, the customer will need to turn the dial back to 5kg on the 40kg dumbbell. Everything else is the same.

The adjustable dumbbell is a robust and highly reliable product which has been designed to give our customers many years of beneficial satisfaction. If it has suddenly stopped operating properly (for example, if you are no longer able to twist the handle or if the plates aren’t being selected correctly), then the issue can usually be traced back to a simple “resetting” of the handle.

Step 1. Remove the dumbbell from the base. Be care when lifting if the plates are not selected correctly, a plate may fall out unexpectantly. On the underside of the dumbbell you will see a white release button. Simply hold the button down (be careful of the metal claws as you turn that your finger is not in the way, alternatively use a pen or something robust). Turn the dial while pressing the button to 2.5kg on the 24’s or 5kg on the 40’s, as you turn the plates will be released. 

Step 2. Reload the plates into the base. Make sure the silver metal tabs on the plates are facing outwards. Each plate is different in size, the slots are sized for their corresponding plate. Do not force the plate into the base, as it is unlikely that plate is in the correct slot.

Step 3. Make sure the handle is set to 2.5kg (24’s) or 5kg (40’s) and plates are all in place in the base prior to reinserting the handle.


To further explain, we have prepared a simple video with step by step guidance that shows you all of the possibilities which may have caused this to happen:

Please watch and follow the ‘reset process’ we outline in the video. 

Once you have applied the process to your own dumbbell it will either a) solve the issue for you completely or b) allow you to determine whether one of the plates has been damaged in some way so that you can advise us accordingly and allow us to send out a replacement plate.

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