Multifunctional Weight Bench – F3800


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Our customers love us!
Our customers love us!


15 Meter - 50mm Diameter (24kg)15 Meter - 50mm Diameter (24kg)
12 Meter - 50mm Diameter (20kg)12 Meter - 50mm Diameter (20kg)
9 Meter - 50mm Diameter (15kg)9 Meter - 50mm Diameter (15kg)

Barbell Rack

Mounted to this weight bench is an adjustable barbell rack, for bench presses, skull crushers, shoulder press and box squats. The barbell rack comes equipped with safety hooks for securing while not in use. *Barbell not included*

Lat Pull Down & Curl

Lat Pull Down & Curl

The base of this bench is interchangeable with a lat pull down and curl bench, both fully adjustable. Use the bar provided with multiple drip options or replace with a handle, straight bar or a tricep rope attachment. Curl cushion for maximum effort with curling a dumbbell or bar.


This weight bench features multiple foam pads, perfectly positioned for maximum comfort when working out. The pads offer you protection from friction when performing leg extensions, hamstring curls or sit ups. The bench is coated with waterproof PU leather for easy cleaning.

Rows & Extensions

Rows & Extensions

Perform rows using the row bar at the top of this bench and adjust your weight by adding or removing plates from the peg. The same way you can easily switch it up to work both posterior and anterior leg muscles with the padded leg bar


Multifunctional Weight Bench – F3800